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The purpose of the Ars Era Foundation is to support young artists
in developing and promoting their works on the global stage.

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Ars Era is a non-profit organisation, comprised of two entities:

The Academy A

Focused on providing education in contemporary art

The Talent Factory gallery

Displaying both new and collected works

Operating together, these two complementary units will seek to accomplish the Foundation’s mission.

Academy A will offer free theoretical and practical lessons and workshops with world-renowned artists and certified art teachers. The Academy will also connect with carefully chosen art academies around the world, exchanging lessons and broadening the scope of our programme.

The application and approval process for students will encourage them to demonstrate their passion and interest, and their desire to be an active member of the Foundation, part of a growing global network. In addition to classes, students will have access to our knowledge database, expert artistic advice, and an open door to special events.

Our physical facilities will include two separate classrooms in NYC, one dedicated to practical workshops with all the necessary resources and amenities, and the other dedicated to theoretical lessons.

As an educational organization, the Ars Era Foundation will provide NY State recognized diplomas for each of our courses on successful completion.

The Talent Factory will introduce talented new artists to the contemporary art world by showing their work here in New York. Alongside these up-and-coming works, the Foundation will also feature pieces by the famous artists in our network. To support these dual exhibitions, the Talent Factory will work to build a permanent collection for the Foundation, seeking to obtain one artwork for each of the established global artists working with us. This collection will become the basis of a series of special events (see for-profit ventures) to be held all over the world, in museums and galleries that are prepared to offer space to help the Foundation in its mission (we anticipate requiring approximately 6,000 square feet).

By combining the best in art education with opportunities for worldwide exposure, the Ars Era Foundation hopes to be instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of contemporary artists.